Why The Northern Charitable Foundation Sponsors the Prevention GENEration Program

Rosa Dembitzer - Breast cancer awareness month

We are very passionate about sponsoring the Israel Cancer Association’s Prevention GENEration Program in collaboration with The Israel Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Consortium. The aim of the program is to reduce cancer morbidity in Israel by promoting research, prevention, early detection, treatment modalities, and means of rehabilitation. The High Rate of Individuals with the … Read more

Women With the BRCA Mutation Are at Great Risk of Cancer


Recent Study Finds BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutations to Be Particularly Dangerous A recent large study of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations found that women who have inherited these mutations are at a significantly higher risk of cancer, particularly breast and ovarian, compared to women without the mutations. Further Studies Announced An announcement was also … Read more

A letter From Ezer Mizion “Family” Registry We Are Members In

Ezer Mizion 2018 report

On behalf of the many patients who have been given a second chance, we thank you for the role you have in our international bone marrow registry. Through your involvement and support, you are a key partner in our mission of saving patients for whom a stem cell transplant is the sole chance of survival. … Read more

Revolutionary New Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Discovered in Israel


Dr. Talia Golan, the director of the Sheba Pancreatic Cancer Center, has made an exciting breakthrough in the search for an effective treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer. Although years of effort and significant resources have been devoted to the illness, very few studies thus far have shown progress in finding a suitable treatment for this … Read more

Pancreatic Cancer May Soon Be Prevented Through New Gene Therapy

Genetic engineering and DNA manipulation as the biotechnology science of genetically modified foods or living organisms with an image of a dna strand on a parchment texture being changed by a pencil eraser.

Researchers recently made a significant discovery related to pancreatic cancer. When the ataxia-telangiectasia group D complementing (ATDC) gene was removed from a group of cancer-prone mice, none of the mice developed cancer. Cancer in the pancreas is a particularly deadly form of the dreaded disease. It is often diagnosed late and tends to resist treatment. … Read more

80% of People Genetically at Risk of Cancer are Unaware

dna spiral, isolated on white

Ignorance About Predisposition to Certain Cancers A recent study interviewing more than 50,000 subjects has found that as many as eight of ten people are unaware that they may be genetically disposed to several types of cancer. Most people only find out retroactively once they have already been diagnosed that they were at high risk … Read more

Exploring Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’

Byron Katie

Can a Self-Inquiry Technique Help Breast Cancer Survivors? In 1986 Byron Katie developed a self-inquiry method that showed great potential for improving emotional and physical wellbeing. It’s called ‘The Work’ and is described by many as a simple yet powerful process. A recent study published by the European Journal of Integrative Medicine sought to establish … Read more