Hereditary Cancers Don’t Only Affect Women: BRCA2 Mutation Can Also Affect Ashkenazi Men

With the discovery of the BRCA2 gene in December 1995, researchers have been able to gain valuable insights and a better understanding of the role it plays in terms of the development of cancer. We inherit two copies of the BRCA2 gene in every one of our cells, one from our father and one from … Read more

Congratulations to Sabrina Kalandarov for Winning the International Tennis Federation Tournament

Sabrina Kalandarov

We are very excited for International Tennis Federation (ITF) tournament winner Sabrina Kalandrov. This is a magnificent victory for Sabrina and her dedicated coaches on the Israel Tennis Centers (ITC) National Girls Team. Building Life Skills Through Tennis The Northern Charitable Foundation is a sponsor of the ITC High-Performance Girls Teams. Founded in 1976, the … Read more

Prevention GENEration Program

researcher looking at genes

Tackling Genetic Risk Factors for Cancer Around 4,500 women in Israel are diagnosed with cancer every year, and between 5% to 10% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are genetically predisposed towards it – the most common cause is a genetic mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene. While this genetic change is found … Read more

Empowering Women through Tennis

The Northern Charitable Foundation- Empowering Women through Tennis

Tennis as a Life Skill The foundation sponsors the High Performance Girls Tennis Teams of the ITC. Northern Charitable Foundation, in collaboration with the Israel Tennis Centers (ITC), are doing important work when it comes to girls’ tennis in Israel. The ITC Girls Tennis Teams was born in 2011 with the vision of increasing and … Read more