Awareness for Male Breast Cancer – Don’t Leave it Too Late

male cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the US, yet it is also possible for men to be diagnosed too. Although males receive only up to 1% of all breast cancer diagnoses, it is usually diagnosed at later, harder-to-treat stages, leading to approximately 500 men dying from it each year in … Read more

Hereditary Cancers Don’t Only Affect Women: BRCA2 Mutation Can Also Affect Ashkenazi Men

With the discovery of the BRCA2 gene in December 1995, researchers have been able to gain valuable insights and a better understanding of the role it plays in terms of the development of cancer. We inherit two copies of the BRCA2 gene in every one of our cells, one from our father and one from … Read more

New Studies Highlight the Association Between Loneliness, Social Isolation, and Dementia Risk Factors

The link between dementia and loneliness has been generally known, but not necessarily its extent. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, multiple researchers and organizations have performed studies examining the link between loneliness, social isolation, and dementia more closely. Each study looked at a different angle of the dementia-loneliness-social isolation triangle, but they reached … Read more